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YELLO4 CYS DCT RECAP DCT KIXCO DCT VLN DCT YVC DCT YSF DCT BOTER/N0497F360 DCT RAMEL/K0913F380 DCT 85N180W 80N100E DCT BINTA DCT BADAL P864 NOR/K0891F390 G490 THN G489 BATRA/K0885F400 G489 CE R116 TOKMO W237 GV R484 RUBID G121 SOMIP G700 BLH A367 BALGO G661 GASTA/K0889F410 B357 RUDEK/K0889F400 B357 OSH L142 ASMAN B496 POMIR/K0902F410 G500 FIRUZ/N0489F410 P500 MOTMO/N0490F400 P500 GERRY/N0487F410 P500 ATROL/N0490F400 J118 DURKA/N0488F410 J118 DARIS/N0491F400 J118 VEBTA/N0488F410 J118 KAKNA/N0491F400 J118 PS Z302 NH/N0487F410 N893 TELEM G210 BOFIN POKON1A
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Skill Analysis (99%)

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Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -152fpm)

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Flight Log

[02:35:14utc] You have successfully logged in Scott Linzer.
[04:59:46utc] Your flight to VABB has now been started.
[04:59:46utc] Aircraft boarding In progress
[05:05:24utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[05:05:25utc] Starting Engines
[05:15:18utc] Landing lights ON
[05:16:22utc] Detected Take-off roll, WIND 280/21kt
[05:17:03utc] Departing KDEN, IAS 183kt, G - Force 1.18g, pitch -8.2deg, bank 0.82deg, VS 280fpm, HDG 271deg
[05:17:04utc] Gear UP, IAS 184kt, GS 175kt, ALT 5450ft
[05:17:45utc] Aircraft level at 6360ft, IAS 216kt, GS 225kt, HDG 335deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 291/26kt
[05:17:54utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 229kt, GS 249kt, VS 1119fpm, ALT 6450ft, PITCH -9.54deg, HDG 354deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 285/26kt
[05:23:06utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 19050ft
[05:43:34utc] Aircraft level at 33870ft, IAS 250kt, GS 441kt, HDG 351deg, TAT -53deg, WIND 251/83kt
[06:12:52utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 33680ft, IAS 254kt, GS 416kt, HDG 357deg, VS -62fpm, TAT -52deg, WIND 287/33kt
[06:13:01utc] Aircraft level at 33680ft, IAS 249kt, GS 410kt, HDG 358deg, TAT -52deg, WIND 288/33kt
[06:33:31utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 33540ft, IAS 251kt, GS 414kt, HDG 354deg, VS -92fpm, TAT -53deg, WIND 288/23kt
[06:34:39utc] Aircraft level at 33430ft, IAS 251kt, GS 414kt, HDG 354deg, TAT -52deg, WIND 288/22kt
[06:34:53utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 414kt, VS 489fpm, ALT 33500ft, PITCH -5.15deg, HDG 354deg, TAT -53deg, WIND 289/22kt
[06:39:55utc] Aircraft level at 35250ft, IAS 247kt, GS 430kt, HDG 355deg, TAT -55deg, WIND 264/17kt
[06:41:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 250kt, GS 441kt, VS 221fpm, ALT 35310ft, PITCH -4.98deg, HDG 356deg, TAT -55deg, WIND 220/9kt
[06:41:43utc] Aircraft level at 35390ft, IAS 251kt, GS 443kt, HDG 356deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 220/9kt
[10:44:47utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36050ft, IAS 248kt, GS 340kt, HDG 326deg, VS -122fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 289/128kt
[10:44:56utc] Aircraft level at 36070ft, IAS 249kt, GS 340kt, HDG 326deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 289/132kt
[11:49:33utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 248kt, GS 412kt, VS 51fpm, ALT 36180ft, PITCH -3.58deg, HDG 303deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 230/152kt
[11:49:42utc] Aircraft level at 36160ft, IAS 249kt, GS 416kt, HDG 303deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 228/153kt
[11:49:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36160ft, IAS 239kt, GS 418kt, HDG 303deg, VS -156fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 223/151kt
[11:49:54utc] Aircraft level at 36160ft, IAS 246kt, GS 420kt, HDG 303deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 226/153kt
[11:50:24utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36170ft, IAS 250kt, GS 420kt, HDG 303deg, VS -155fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 229/152kt
[11:50:27utc] Aircraft level at 36170ft, IAS 250kt, GS 418kt, HDG 303deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 228/150kt
[11:52:49utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36140ft, IAS 237kt, GS 420kt, HDG 302deg, VS -53fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 221/140kt
[11:53:06utc] Aircraft level at 36160ft, IAS 237kt, GS 424kt, HDG 304deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 218/129kt
[12:21:19utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36190ft, IAS 250kt, GS 449kt, HDG 294deg, VS -197fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 186/39kt
[12:22:36utc] Aircraft level at 36030ft, IAS 250kt, GS 447kt, HDG 293deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 183/34kt
[12:27:43utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 35960ft, IAS 250kt, GS 449kt, HDG 297deg, VS -187fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 172/22kt
[12:29:07utc] Aircraft level at 35810ft, IAS 251kt, GS 447kt, HDG 297deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 168/19kt
[13:02:11utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 252kt, GS 428kt, VS 316fpm, ALT 35880ft, PITCH -3.9deg, HDG 250deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 215/7kt
[13:03:45utc] Aircraft level at 36180ft, IAS 250kt, GS 428kt, HDG 248deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 221/9kt
[13:17:32utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36150ft, IAS 248kt, GS 428kt, HDG 235deg, VS -443fpm, TAT -57deg, WIND 262/10kt
[13:19:33utc] Aircraft level at 35580ft, IAS 251kt, GS 428kt, HDG 234deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 281/12kt
[13:59:26utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 252kt, GS 428kt, VS 201fpm, ALT 35600ft, PITCH -3.62deg, HDG 216deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 295/50kt
[14:01:26utc] Aircraft level at 35940ft, IAS 251kt, GS 437kt, HDG 217deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 304/56kt
[15:00:26utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 482kt, VS 562fpm, ALT 36030ft, PITCH -3.9deg, HDG 190deg, TAT -57deg, WIND 320/69kt
[15:02:00utc] Aircraft level at 36950ft, IAS 251kt, GS 492kt, HDG 190deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 321/68kt
[16:08:27utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 252kt, GS 505kt, VS 545fpm, ALT 37080ft, PITCH -4.45deg, HDG 185deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 322/80kt
[16:11:53utc] Aircraft level at 39000ft, IAS 251kt, GS 523kt, HDG 185deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 321/80kt
[16:16:55utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 515kt, VS 204fpm, ALT 39060ft, PITCH -3.58deg, HDG 195deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 323/80kt
[16:18:59utc] Aircraft level at 39500ft, IAS 250kt, GS 515kt, HDG 195deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 323/80kt
[18:18:04utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 39700ft, IAS 249kt, GS 468kt, HDG 233deg, VS -169fpm, TAT -56deg, WIND 323/73kt
[18:19:18utc] Aircraft level at 39560ft, IAS 251kt, GS 472kt, HDG 234deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 324/80kt
[18:35:46utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 39440ft, IAS 249kt, GS 500kt, HDG 204deg, VS -162fpm, TAT -56deg, WIND 316/79kt
[18:37:22utc] Aircraft level at 39230ft, IAS 250kt, GS 500kt, HDG 204deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 317/79kt
[19:57:37utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 252kt, GS 465kt, VS 529fpm, ALT 39010ft, PITCH -3.38deg, HDG 162deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 246/86kt
[19:59:11utc] Aircraft level at 39950ft, IAS 251kt, GS 455kt, HDG 173deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 246/86kt
[21:52:10utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 252kt, GS 513kt, VS 110fpm, ALT 39900ft, PITCH -2.57deg, HDG 113deg, TAT -56deg, WIND 233/72kt
[21:52:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 39790ft, IAS 253kt, GS 515kt, HDG 112deg, VS -1089fpm, TAT -56deg, WIND 233/72kt
[21:59:35utc] Aircraft level at 19000ft, IAS 330kt, GS 453kt, HDG 109deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 239/31kt
[22:17:16utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 18850ft, IAS 331kt, GS 435kt, HDG 151deg, VS -625fpm, TAT -22deg, WIND 242/21kt
[22:26:13utc] Aircraft level at 11970ft, IAS 330kt, GS 391kt, HDG 168deg, TAT -8deg, WIND 249/7kt
[22:51:06utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 11810ft, IAS 295kt, GS 365kt, HDG 088deg, VS -1089fpm, TAT -2deg, WIND 244/12kt
[22:52:25utc] Aircraft level at 10940ft, IAS 251kt, GS 309kt, HDG 090deg, TAT 0deg, WIND 250/12kt
[22:54:19utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 10940ft
[22:54:43utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 232kt, ALT 10840ft
[22:54:45utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 10820ft, IAS 232kt, GS 288kt, HDG 091deg, VS -993fpm, TAT 1deg, WIND 250/12kt
[23:00:30utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 200kt, GS 208kt, ALT 3800ft
[23:05:13utc] Landed at destination VABB with a landing rate of -152fpm, touchdown speed 131kt, G - Force 1.25g, pitch -3.53deg, bank -0.42deg
[23:06:19utc] Aircraft taxiing To gate
[23:06:27utc] Landing lights OFF
[23:07:18utc] Aircraft at gate/stand, ground services are moving into position, disembarkation has begun

Flight Map