Welcome New Pilots/Successful First Week

posted by Max Hergel on 2020-02-28

Welcome Pilots and Power Set Members,

We have had an exceptional first week, beginning with over one hundred new hires as well as a strong social media and PR presence on almost all major platforms. On behalf of the entire staff and development team, we hope that all members are enjoying the Power Set experience and are as optimistic as we are for the future of the Virtual Airline (heaps of new stuff to come).

Speaking of staff, we take great satisfaction in thanking all of our Design and Development crew, as well as our Management Team for the countless hours of time and effort that have been and are continuing to be put into the development and behind-the-scenes production of our assets. Again, a massive thank you to all.

In regards to all new members, we aim to remain as inclusive as possible with all-new planned features and exciting upcoming aspects of the VA. We are always open to new suggestions for improvement and are looking forward to involving everyone in developing the future of Power Set. Suggestions are currently open within the official PowerSetVirtual Discord server, as well as answers to any questions that you may have.

On behalf of all of the Power Set Staff, thank you for taking the time to fly with us, we foresee a tremendous future and hope you enjoy what is to come.

Max Hergel "Vear"
PowerSet Management