About Us

PowerSet Virtual Airlines was started in the final months of 2019, and eventually opened in February 2020. The Virtual Airline was started by three aviation enthusiasts and pilots, Max(CitationMax), Brian (BrianThePilot), and Max (Vearity) who aimed to create a community of Flight Simulation and Aviation supporters. Together Max, Brian, and Max brought the required skills to begin Power Set, and overtime a group of dedicated staff members was grown and put countless hours of volenteer work into making the airline what it has become today.

The Virtual Airline mimics the day to day operations of a real world aviation conglomerate with scheduled commercial, charter, and cargo divisions respectively .Members are welcome to participate in flights of their choice, favoring the pilots decisions of what to fly over all else. Our support and staff pride themselves in nonstop management and improvement of the Virtual Airline, continuing to tend to the evergrowing community and increasing the reach of what pilots are capable of.

Message From The Founders –
“Welcome to PowerSet Virtual Airlines, we hope you enjoy what has been built through months of planning and work. Our objective is to maintain a high constant level of communication with our members and continuously improve. We’re always open to new ideas that benefit the greater good for everyone, the goal has been to make this the members community as much as it is ours.”